Analytics and optimization

Every company has dozens of business processes which sometimes get complicated or lengthy. Finding solutions which allow to optimize these processes adds tangible value through decreasing the costs and improving the work quality and efficiency.
In order to match expectations with capabilities, we conduct a detailed internal and external analysis using advanced tools and proven methodologies.
It allows us to identify room for improvement, prepare an action plan and support our clients in implementing it to secure desired  impact.

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The analysis includes the following areas:

  • finance
  • sales
  • strategy
  • business environment
  • competition
  • clients and customers
  • market forecasts
  • industry trends
  • law regulations

The effects are used to optimize:

  • bottom line
  • business processes
  • organizational structure
  • R&D activities
  • work schedule

The business analytics provided by our team is a first step to optimize the company’s business processes through aligning them with the current market situation and forecasted changes. Based on the outcome, we develop an action plan that includes short and long term financial gains as well as an overall efficiency increase scenario.

The analytics process

Step 1

Adjusting the methodology
and analytical tools

Step 2

Collecting crucial data,
documents and materials

Step 3

Analyzing the data according to chosen

Step 4

Compiling the outcomes and
major insights

Step 5

Presenting outcome
and recommendations

Step 6

Indicating areas for optimization

Step 7

Developing an action plan

Step 8

Implementing and controlling of the optimization plan

We present the analysis outcomes and recommendations concerning optimization during meetings, summarizing each step of our work. Then, based on arrangements with the management, we develop an action plan and oversee its implementation.