The reliable diagnosis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as of viable opportunities and threats is a solid base for further growth. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of detailed analysis of internal and external factors impacting the business. We take into account multiple variables and provide recommendations on the most efficient business development paths together with their implementation potential.

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The diagnosis prepared by our team identifies opportunities and threats in the following areas:

  • finance
  • strategy
  • business processes
  • organizational structure
  • human resources
  • tools usage
  • management
  • growth

In order to prepare the diagnosis, we use hard financial, operational and structural data and analyze it in the context of the company’s business environment and individual features. Developing an in-depth understanding of the business is crucial to us. Therefore, a vital area of each project is the close cooperation with managers and key employees of our clients.

The diagnostic process

Step 1

Collecting crucial data,
documents and materials

Step 2

Data analysis

Step 3

In-depth interviews with management
and key employees

Step 4

Business environment analysis

Step 5

Development of major insights

Step 6

Outcome presentation

Step 7

Recommendations presentation

The output of our work is a comprehensive report on the company’s situation, which we deliver during a final meeting. It contains the diagnosis outcome together with recommendations on the most efficient improvements and suggestions on potential implementation scenarios.